Why is your line so long?

When we started Eggslut, we wanted to offer a product that we felt was missing from the market. We'd like to think we're offering something a lot of consumers enjoy --- hence, the line. We do our very best to accommodate all customers that choose to dine with us. We try our very best to expedite the process without skipping out on quality & service.


Why is Eggslut more expensive?

We wanted to offer fresh, quality products cooked to order. Because we use a higher quality product, there is a higher price for our delicious egg sammies. We take a lot of care in making them, so our hope is that you enjoy them all the more.


Do you have gluten free or vegetarian options?

All our sandwiches come on a brioche bun or house-made biscuit. We do not currently offer any gluten-free bread options. We do offer a no-bread/sub salad option on all our dishes, and most of our sandwiches can be made without any meat. We cannot guarantee a gluten-free meal, as some of our other ingredients may contain gluten.


Do you cater or take advance to-go orders?

Our goal is to offer fresh, quality products cooked to order in our restaurant. Due to kitchen space and current volume, we don’t cater and don’t (usually) take advance to-go orders because we want every sandwich we hand you to be hot and fresh.

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